Engineering solutions to fit your needs


The Engineering Company is an employee owned Engineering Firm that specializes in providing structural engineering services to the public, and to private clients. We pride ourselves in finding solutions that fit each client’s individual needs based on the social, financial and environmental conditions of each project.  We do not believe in the idea that one solution can solve every problem.

Located in Saugeen Shores, we have significant experience working in the Grey Bruce and surrounding area.  We understand the unique set of challenges associated with working within rural Ontario and strive to build long term relationships with all our clients based on the quality of our service. Our key staff have experience working for both mid size consulting firms and large international engineering companies.  We can provide the highest level of expertise, professional service, and state of the art technology of the large firms while remaining responsive and adaptable to each of the markets we work in.

Our staff have significant experience, and success, in both leading and contributing to multi-disciplinary design teams.  We strongly believe that team-based collaboration throughout the design process is paramount in the successful delivery of a project.  We have built strong relationships with numerous independent engineering and architectural firms to allow us to bring the team-based design approach to any project, regardless of size, to simplify the process for you, our client.


The Engineering Company can provide structural engineering services for new construction and building additions for a wide variety of building types including institutional, commercial, municipal, single family and multi-family residential, and industrial occupancies. We have experience with the design of exterior structures (retaining walls, sign foundations, etc.), and large and small scale municipal infrastructure (water reservoirs, buried structures, etc.). With over 14 years of individual expertise and diverse client base we have experience working directly for clients or part of a multi-disciplinary design team.

At the onset of each project we strive to define the client’s needs while providing practical, cost-effective, and sustainable solutions that address both current and future requirements.  We understand that there is a unique solution to every problem and that our clients deserve a project specific solution that meets their individual needs.

New Building Structures

We have experience with the design of institutional, commercial, municipal, single family and multi-family residential, and industrial building comprised of concrete, steel/aluminum, wood, and masonry construction.  Designs include all primary and secondary structural elements including foundations and above ground superstructure (roof, floor framing, lateral load resisting systems and all miscellaneous structural supporting elements). We can provide complete engineering services including preliminary and detail design, preparation of tender documents/specifications, contract administration, construction technical support and construction review.

Structural Condition Assessments

We can provide preliminary and detailed structural condition assessment in accordance with the “Structural Condition Assessments of Existing Buildings and Designated Structures” Guideline issued by Professional Engineer Ontario (PEO). Assessment of all structures and their components will be completed to the governing design code (Ontario Building Code, Canadian Highway Bridge Design Code, National Building Code of Canada etc.)

Municipal Structures

We can provide structural design services for various municipal type structures including holding tanks, wet wells, pump houses, water storage reservoirs/structures, etc.  Design may include both above ground and buried structures and we are able to utilize various design materials including but not limited to cast-in-place and pre-cast concrete, structural steel, structural aluminum, and reinforced masonry.



Located in Collingwood, Ontario this project involved the complete restoration to the historic automotive and blacksmithing shop. To create the unique combination of new and old we had to tie in new structural elements with existing structure to preserve the original feel while conforming with current building code requirement. Over the course of two years the building was completely restored and the south building addition completed.


Located in Southampton, Ontario this project involved the complete renovation to an existing construction workshop to create a modern commercial space. To transform the deteriorated building we needed to re-frame the interior of the building, remove existing load bearing walls, and replace the existing flat roof with an engineered truss roof. Inside the building we utilized exposed timber members pay tribute to adjacent reclaimed material supplier .


Located in Saugeen Shores, Ontario this project involved the detailed design and construction review of the new works building for Great Lakes Concrete. The building was constructed to be a combination of an industrial work area and an office / commercial space. This combined structure allows for greater coordinate and integration of their business activities. The design concept utilized large clear spans and open floor space to allow for seamless work areas within this structure.


Located in Port Elgin, Ontario this project involved the complete restoration and renovation to the existing historic building located at 662 Goderich Steet. The existing building was converted from a single restaurant to three separate commercial spaces with additional apartment units located on teh second floor. Originally constructed prior to 1900 the building required substantial modifications to achieve conformance with the current building code.


The Engineering Company Ltd. has been involved in numerous residential projects. These include both renovations to existing structures and detailed design of custom new builds that are beyond the scope of Part 9 of the Ontario Building Code. Our scope of services include detailed design, structural analysis, construction review, and structural condition assessment.


The Engineering Company Ltd. was retained to provide complete structural engineering for the single story building addition that tied into the historic Wismer House building. With various constraints around the limited building envelope the foundation designs needed to facilitate a small construction envelope while providing the maximum build area. Future development on the roof so outside occupancy was also considered in the design.


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